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Sunday is Pizza and Hot Graham night!

Welcome to Hot Graham Sauces!

Thank you so much for visiting our website! Hot Graham Sauce Company was created to extend the reach of our homemade sauces beyond our local family, friends and colleagues. We hope you'll come with us on our journey as we plan to develop and produce additional sauces.

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The Reviews Continue To Come In!

I received my sauce today and wow! I love heat but some companies sacrifice flavor for heat, you guys nailed this. The warmup sauce has the best flavor hands down. A little burn but packed with so much more. Great blend, I can't say enough wow! I love it! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Ray G, Belleville, NJ

Love for Toccata!

“This hot sauce is a perfect blend of heat and flavor... It provides that kick you want but you can also enjoy the flavor without it overpowering you. It goes on virtually anything and a little goes a long way. 10 out of 10 for me!!!”

Andrew K., Basking Ridge NJ

Oh! My! Lord!!! My taste buds!!!

The Toccata has the PERFECT amount of heat and is so savory. But I'm obsessing over the Warmup Sauce! It has the vibe of a floral Indian masala and is heavenly. Such unique flavors and the perfect addition to just about any meal in my book. Keep your taste buds happy and go get some now!

Valerie R., Little Ferry NJ

Versatile sauces, beyond burgers and wings!

We use Hot Graham sauce on everything from burgers to pizza to tacos and even Dosa. Both the sauces are very robust and flavorful.Our favorite is the Toccata! All the ingredients blend well together and turn into the most delicious red hot sauce. Try it!

Sangita D, Scotch Plains, NJ